“I didn’t understand, & I wanted to know why? So I asked God, WHY, WHY, WHY? Why did this have to happen? And I did not like the answer, which was ‘Walk by faith, not by sight.’ He said, “I don’t want you to know why, because if you did, you would not be walking by faith.” ~ Jeremy Camp

Profound words from someone so young – I am still trying to understand the WHYS in my own life – I “have an inquiring mind, & I want to know!” But there are some things we are not supposed to know, & so we are supposed to go with the flow. Hopefully, maybe, praying I will at least get points for TRYING?? WAIT! We do not get points (or anything else) for ANYTHING we do, other than BELIEVING, & that is ALL we need. Lord, “help me to TRUST that which I BELIEVE.”

May you have a Faith-filled Day, Friends!

– Lou Lehman Sams




Miracles don’t always come upon you suddenly, like lightning bolts out of the clear sky, although sometimes they do happen that way.

But at other times some of the most unexpected miracles arrive slowly, like the unfurling of the most beautiful, fragrant rose imaginable whose bud must endure both sunshine & rain while it’s miracle unfolds.

Your miracle may be given to you unexpectedly, & without warning. Or it may be, right now, unbeknownst to you, slowly developing before your very eyes.

Either way, miracles must be fed with faith, tilled with trust, & bolstered by belief. And the ones that seemingly arrive from nowhere at all come from the same place as the ones we witness in our daily lives. Let us not forget to be mindful of miracles!

– Lou Lehman Sams




I’m not at all concerned about anyone else “outshining” me, because this world is full of darkness, & can use all of the bright shining stars that God has made to help illuminate it & make it a better place. Personally, I hope my colleagues, committee members, classmates, etc. want to shine – it makes the whole industry, entire committee, & school look good when members succeed. Plus, when someone else shines, the light that they shed on things sometimes helps me see my way clear better. Be the best YOU that you can be – we need all the light we can get – SHINE!!!

– Lou Lehman Sams




Dear Mother Nature:

One to two inches of snow is like inviting someone to a dinner party, & only serving them one or two canapes. I love snow!!! Truly, I DO!

But I want snow deep enough that Snickers will get lost if he goes out to potty. Snow drifts that disguise the everyday world. Enough snow to make a real, life sized snowman. Snow such that sledding entices even those in my age group to join in. Snow so thick that kids don’t get muddy while making snow angels. MILLIONS of snowflakes linking their uniquely patterned hands together to build voluminous hills of snow.

Snowmobiles. Snowboarding. Snow skiing. Snowbound in a country cabin with a roaring fire. Snow blankets so deep that they illuminate the woods when the moon breaks through the clouds to give it a lover’s kiss.

Yes, Mother Nature, I want a LOT. But I am on a diet, I suppose. So I’ll just live vicariously through pics posted by friends in faraway places, & instead of feasting on a banquet of snow experiences, I’ll sit by my fire, puppy at my feet, & slowly savor each flake falling outside my windows, content with the taste of an exquisite appetizer that whets my appetite for adventure, but doesn’t quite satisfy.

One more thing, Mother Nature – I hear its going to be brutally cold – as in EIGHT degrees tomorrow. The next time you send some snow my way, could you maybe make the temps a tad bit more tolerable, please? I ain’t no Eskimo, & this Bama girl likes temps in the double digits.

Ahhh, it’s okay, though. Me & Snickers, we’ve got our supplies, & we are ready to hunker down: Coffee, dog treats, wine, & toilet paper- did I forget anything?

I know! I’ll pretend it’s Apres Ski for a few moments …
Seriously, I’m warm inside a cozy house while there are those who are struggling to survive the cold. All is well.

So bring it on, Mother Nature! Sometimes we all need time to chill out. I just wish the chilling didn’t have to be so … chilly!


Bama Belle

#babyitscoldoutside #blessed

– Lou Lehman Sams




If you knew exactly how the story ended, would you read every word in the book? It is in the day to day revelations & the individual pages that we find the substance of the story. Without the unfolding of the story itself, there would be no need for an ending of any sort at all. Confused? Just keep reading – it will all make sense soon enough!

– Lou Lehman Sams




I belong to a tribe of courageous dreamers who love people, are unafraid of risks & who enjoy adventures. I already know many of them: they are the doers, the shakers, & the visionaries. The rest are out exploring new places, people & things, but one day, we will find each other, because that’s what kindred spirits do.

– Lou Lehman Sams




Dear Sister:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY in Heaven!!! It has been such a long time since you went there, but I remember our adventures growing up as if they were yesterday. I think you spent every penny of your allowance on bubble gum when you made me escort you from Ma-ma Lehman’s house to Propst drug store in Five Points. How many nights did we stay up way too late, whispering about boys, & hoping for a more peaceful life when Mother would be in one of her moods?? I’m pretty sure I never found all of my clothes which you swiped when I was not looking, LOL.

At your visitation, your ex-boy friend’s mother said I have your eyes. But you were younger, so should’ve been the other way around. But we shared more than our eyes: DNA, secrets, & childish dreams, as well. I am so very sorry that none of yours came true when your life was tragically cut short. I’m still working on mine. Maybe put in a good word for me up there?

So what is it with our family dying on birthdays, anyhow??? You died on mine, our grandfather died on Daddy’s, & he died on his grandson-in-law’s; now, our aunt has passed on yours- or within a few hours of it- I’ve not heard the exact time of death yet.

I want to crawl up in a blanket with a bowl of tomato soup & just write & reflect. Instead, I am going to take my own advice of doing something for others to help you forget your own troubles. I’m going to have brunch with my client who is relocating, & is temporarily all alone here. But know that while I’ll be celebrating her new home with her, I will also be celebrating that you were born on this day once upon a time.

“Love conquers death.” Know that your memory lives on.


Always Your Sister



A wee bit of romance…

Though you linger & stand but in one spot on the riverbank, you can’t stop the flow of the river of time, forward rushing one moment, lazily lollygagging the next, but ever onward marching towards the sea of eternity. The memories which we long for are like droplets of water which mix with others such that we can barely recognize them.

If we try to remain in one spot, to stand firm on the past, both the refreshing cool splashes of joy & the tumultuous whirlpools of storm driven memories will flow right past us, leaving us behind. We must be unafraid to drift along the waters of life, to sail on smooth ones, raft over the rapids, & navigate unknown nautica to our intended destination before we yet set out again.

The person who is afraid of the water will never be seaworthy. And yes, it takes a skillful sailor to ride the waves to paradise & back.

Each tear that falls swells the river. Each breath we exhale breathes life into our sails. And every time we jump overboard & try to swim ashore against the current we lose a little momentum. Flow along with the river of your life, for ports await that contain provisions, sustenance, nurture, & yes, even love.

Or stay on the riverbank & watch the real captains take charge of their souls as they ably steer their ships. An anchor is intended only as a temporary respite.

The shore is a place where boys linger to daydream, or defeated souls languish in defeat. Real men want to feel the wind in their hair, the salt spray in their face, & the touch of their lover, the sea, for it is there in the deep waters that the mermaids frolic, & the siren’s song can be heard.

He put down the book as he glanced at the clouds which were pregnant with the precipitation which held the combined power to add enough water to help carry him through. He inhaled deeply as he climbed into the boat he’d lovingly constructed & polished with his own hands. He’d experience enough to know that one cannot catch up to one’s past after it has passed one by. Nor did he want to sit idly by to see what debris the aftermath of the next storm might float his way.

His was the heart of a true sailor. Though the siren might call his name, he’d not die in a crash upon the rocks where destiny waited. No, he’d ride the tide all the way to the horizon, & sail off into a multicolored sunset. He knew he’d find her there.

For she, like him, possessed a joi de vivre that compelled her to travel along, rather than be trod upon. She was a lady, a pioneer, a traveler, a lover of life, her own soul, & his.

He dipped his oar into the water as he pushed off & away from the crumbling riverbank of a port to which he felt an uncomfortable sense of unbelonging. Another stroke, & he felt a small lurch which sent adrenaline through his veins, as the current began to assist him in his journey towards her. He couldn’t wait to get there, to that place where they would exist together in perfect tranquility & drink in the light of the stars on each other’s eyes.

Though he knew it would require much hard work, he was determined to outpace his past. Time was flowing, life was knowing, & he was going, to just where he needed to be.

And she waited patiently there in paradise, longing for her sailor to come home from the sea. For she’d already traversed those turbulent waters, & she was at peace with herself, & quite confident that what was meant to be could not escape their destiny.

Though the storms might buffet his tiny boat, he’d skillfully slip the shoals, for there was nothing on earth to stop a real man from following his heart- no, not even the fear of drowning.

The only thing he intended to drown in was the taste of her kisses once he found her. His heart beat faster with each effort by his lean, muscular body, & though she was daydreaming upon cotton candy clouds, suddenly she felt her own breath quicken. She saw two clouds suddenly come together in roughly the shape of a heart, & she rejoiced, knowing that his arrival was imminent. And she couldn’t wait until the moment that they could begin to dream together!

For a mutual dream is always far better than trying to go it alone. ‘Row faster!’ she whispered into the breeze. And as if he had heard her words, he did just that.

– Lou Lehman Sams




Spotify says it is the “soundtrack of my life.” Let’s see, that would be about right: some days I cannot log on, through no fault of my own; I get unexplained error codes; sometimes get stuck on something, & play the same thing over & over again; & there are WAY too many commercial breaks – seems like every time I get good & relaxed in everday life, something comes along to interrupt the peace, LOL. And, like life, there are days when I sign on with ease, experience something new & exciting, & get to chill out & enjoy it. Yes, that’s the soundtrack of MY life …

– Lou Lehman Sams




Why worry about whether CRAZy people like you? Feel flattered if they don’t. You know that old saying about “Birds of a feather?” If someone CRAZy dislikes you, consider it a compliment that you’re not like them! (& if you allow CRAZy people to interfere in your relationships with others by their CRAZiness, shame on you!) That is all …

– Lou Lehman Sams