Making sacrifices for others is never easy, & is usually done without regard for any personal gain. But having made great personal sacrifices on behalf of another, though gratitude may not be expected, one certainly does not expect them to be callous towards those sacrifices, or to forget them. 

The mother who sacrifices her career in order to play chauffeur, cook & maid; the father that sacrifices time for personal pleasure in exchange for long, hard work at the office; the soldier who sacrifices a limb, time with their loved ones, or a portion of their sanity; the friend who sacrifices whatever they are doing to rush to the side of someone that needs them; or the neighbor who sacrifices part of their day to help another these people & many more have made sacrifices for others. 

Who has made sacrifices for you? Do you remember those things that they have done for you? How sad must they feel when they realize that you have forgotten? What about Jesus? Do you ever think about that day on Calvary? People routinely send cards to their Moms on Mother’s Day, or thank veterans on Veteran’s Day, or go to Church to thank God on Easter, but do they really stop & THINK about what those sacrifices have cost? 
Lip service & thanking someone because it is expected are just not the same as the heartfelt gratitude that overflows from the heart of people who really do appreciate what others have done for them. No, it is not a holiday. But every day should be a day to remember & be thankful for the sacrifices of those who gave much so that we could have much. 


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I am a Southern Belle, through and through. Born and raised in North Alabama, where my family settled in 1808, when the area was still the Mississippi Territory, I come from a line of Planters, Patriots, and Pioneers. They were people who were unafraid to take risks, who said what they believed, and who honored God and their Country. Like my ancestors before me, I have strong values, believing that the Golden Rule is indeed golden. I write as a way to relate and as a release. I hope that my words may inspire, challenge and provoke one to thinking about how extraordinary things can come out of ordinary places, people, and things.

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