I wrote this for the Inspiration for a Civic Club that I am in. I was asked to give the inspiration a few hours before the meeting, & this just happened to be right after the terror attacks in Paris this year. I had just posted on my social media page that “Tonight, everyone is French.” Meaning, we are bound with the French people
in our distaste & disdain for the terrorists, & that we were in mourning together with them. Hence, the common ground. (Not saying there was common ground with the killers.) Will you try to find common ground with someone you encounter, today? Or will it take a tragedy to make you do so??
Common Ground

We search for some form of common ground
In order that our humanity may be found.
The trials, disappointments & fears
Combine as we shed countless untold tears.

When tragedy strikes, that’s when we begin to know
As together we kneel, & bow our heads low
That perhaps we are not so different after all
As before the Heavens, for Mercy we call.

Friends may turn to foes in the quest for survival,
But at the end of our days, are we anyone’s rival?
We can stand together, or we can fall apart –
The course you choose depends upon your heart.

Whatever the case, if you will just look around,
It is certain that you can find some common ground
And on that most sacred & hallowed spot
Discern that our differences are not really a lot.

~ Lou Lehman Sams


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I am a Southern Belle, through and through. Born and raised in North Alabama, where my family settled in 1808, when the area was still the Mississippi Territory, I come from a line of Planters, Patriots, and Pioneers. They were people who were unafraid to take risks, who said what they believed, and who honored God and their Country. Like my ancestors before me, I have strong values, believing that the Golden Rule is indeed golden. I write as a way to relate and as a release. I hope that my words may inspire, challenge and provoke one to thinking about how extraordinary things can come out of ordinary places, people, and things.

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