She had crashed and burned, but somehow she didn’t die.

For a while she could only just sit there, and wonder why?

One day she had an epiphany, though, about that man.

He was like an ostrich with his head buried in quicksand.

So immersed he was in the days of his past

He couldn’t see that quicksand foundations just don’t last.

For her, she was born to soar above and yes, to fly!

She didn’t just want to hover, she wanted to fly high.

Would she, rising from the ashes of what was once love

Stay in that empty nest, or would she rise up above?

Would she be like that azure feathered blue bird,

And sing aloud the sweetest songs ever to be heard?

Would she be more like the little hummingbird

Whose faith knows impossible is nothing but a word?

Or would she be like the noblest bird, a majestic eagle,

Whose attributes can only be best described as simply regal?

No, she’d be no ostrich, bluebird, eagle or hummer,

For she longed to march to the beat of another drummer.

Her survival had left her with feathers like a peacock,

Beauty from the ashes, and strength as hard as a rock.

As she took flight, she saw him struggling, way down below,

And down, down, farther into the quicksand did he go.

He could not escape, though he had definitely tried 

But she had to leave behind the buckets of tears she’d cried.

It was a gorgeous day, favoring a new adventure,

And no more would she be tied to his tragic indenture.

The warm Winds of Change began to blow in her direction,

And with it they carried a change of her affection.

In the best epiphany she had ever received

She recognized that her heart was now relieved. 

She was free to do and be and see and become anything

All she was leaving behind a bittersweet memory thing.

Up, up, up, she climbed, higher and higher still

And glanced back once as she reached the crest of the hill.

What was that she saw sinking in QUICKSAND?

Was it an ostrich or someone who didn’t understand? 

Sighing, she shook her head in one last poignant goodbye,

And with that, the indomitable Phoenix really began to fly!

– Lou Lehman Sams




In the beginning it was small, almost unnoticeable, like the tiniest pinhole leaking air from the tire of an 18 wheeler, or a sweat bee trying to prick the skin on a large man’s neck. Just a minor annoyance, yet a vague indication that something just wasn’t quite right. But once he saw that nothing was going to be done in resistance to his attempts, he continued to try to suck the joy out of her by increasingly larger assaults. What was once a tiny little opening into her heart became a glaring hole, as he came at her very soul with vacuum force. 

He did not realize that the harder he pulled at her heartstrings, the more force he used to try & evacuate her very lifeforce, the deeper her joy was being buried beneath layers of protection that Angels had used to wrap her heart & soul for safe-keeping against the onslaught of attacks. Nonetheless, he was relentless. So very relentless. She cried a thousand tears. And then, a thousand more. 

She lived in a state of denial. She did not want to believe that the man to whom she had offered her heart & soul would be so very ruthless. She tried everything from nurturing to kneeling at the altar, but you will not find demons there, only Angels to help you battle them. 

Finally, one incredible day, the Angels disconnected the power sources & silenced the vacuum. There remained nothing but the silence of peace which was so powerful that it permeated those layers around her heart, & opened it back up again, exposing the joy that was tucked way down deep inside for safekeeping. She gasped a little, as she was surprised it was still there. 

But not only was it still alive & well, but she found that celebrations were sweeter, life was more beautiful, & adventures were more fun without the constant pressure of fighting against the forces that threatened her very identity. Once the source of stress was removed, she was free to find the treasures that awaited her in a manner she had not known before. And it was different, living in calmness rather than chaos. But there in the calm she found herself again, & she knelt at the altar & thanked God for protecting her heart during the turbulent times, & she thanked Him for the Angels who had kept it safe, even when she did not know that it needed safeguarding. 
Very slowly, timidly at first, she opened the door to her heart for the first time in a very long while, & the joy that poured forth was a soothing balm that annointed her very soul. And as it spread, seeped, poured, & ran onto those around her, it made room in her heart for love to enter in again. He had not won the battle, & he would not win the war – the Devil never wins! And she lifted her face Heaveneward toward the sun that was shining for the first time in a long, long time, & she savored the day in anticipation of the love that awaited her as she stretched forth her arms & embraced the blessings that flowed seamlessly down upon her. Joy shone forth, & life made sense again. 

– Lou Lehman Sams